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A Father’s Relief

It’s been a long six years for Cheong Kah Pin, and it shows. He looks far older than his 59 years, his face lined with worry and a perpetual anxious frown. But he looks far better than the last time we met, about two years ago. A little less upset, a little more willing and able to smile. He’s more chatty than he used to be as we sit in a popular eatery, waiting for activists and social workers to arrive.

There’s a good reason for this change. After six years of desperate fear, there’s now a light at the end of the tunnel for his precious son, Chun Yin.

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Ravi – A short documentary

Documentary filmmaker Jon Keng followed human rights lawyer M Ravi to Malaysia, where he was visiting Mr Cheong Kah Pin, father of Cheong Chun Yin. We see Mr Cheong at home, still living alongside all Chun Yin’s belongings, constantly reminded of his son’s situation.

Through this film, Ravi reminds us that beyond all debates and reasoning, statistics and arguments, we should never forget that compassion is what makes us human.