#Mercy4Jabing – Fundraising Call

After months of waiting, we found out that Singapore’s Court of Appeal have decided to uphold Kho Jabing’s death sentence after all.

The decision was a devastating blow to Jabing’s mother Lenduk and his sister Jumai. There are no more legal avenues open to Jabing – his only hope is for the Cabinet of the Republic of Singapore to advise the President to grant him clemency.

It is a long shot, but Jabing’s family are ready to try. And as long as they are willing to keep fighting, we will continue to support and help them however we can.

The last time we sought funding for the campaign to save Jabing, we received a warm and generous response from many people, for which we are grateful. We have tried our best to account for the funds that we have raised, and will continue to do so.

We are launching another round of fundraising for Jabing, so that we can continue to help his family. This involves travel to Singapore (particularly if an execution date is set), as well as travel within Malaysia to lobby politicians and organisations who might be able to help appeal for clemency for Jabing.

With the Sarawak elections looming, it was suggested by our Malaysian colleagues that it could be useful to lobby politicians and candidates in Jabing’s home state and rally their support for his clemency plea. During our last trip to Kuala Lumpur, we had received pledges of support from Members of Parliament from Sarawak and would like to re-establish this connection. The family will thus hold a press conference in Kuching over the weekend, and we will be there in support.

We are now attempting to raise $5,000 for the campaign. This will cover travel expenses (such as travel to Singapore and to Kuching), accommodation and other living costs, plus campaign costs such as the printing of press releases.

Any remaining funds that we have raised will go to his sister Jumai, to use as she deems fit to support the family in the event of an execution.

If you are interested in donating to the campaign to help Jabing, please email us at contact [at] secondchances [dot] asia or message us on Facebook for more details.

To sign a petition in support of Kho Jabing’s clemency appeal to the President of Singapore and the Cabinet, please visit: https://www.change.org/p/president-of-the-republic-of-singapore-cabinet-of-the-republic-of-singapore-savejabing-grant-clemency-to-sarawakian-kho-jabing

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