Yong’s Story

Yong’s Story aired on Al-Jazeera English’s Witness strand today. It shows us the desperate efforts of his family and lawyer to save his life.

In the course of the fight for his life, important legal questions have been raised; questions that will have an impact beyond just his case. His story has also triggered large campaigns in both his home country of Malaysia (especially in his hometown Sandakan) and in Singapore. People who have never even met him have come forward, volunteering time and precious resources to the campaigns to save his life.

With this documentary, hopefully more people will be made aware of Vui Kong’s story, and think about what we’re actually trading just so we can fool ourselves into believing that we’ve solved the drug problem in Singapore.

Does Vui Kong really have to die for us to be safe? Doesn’t he deserve a second chance? What would it say about us, if we let him go to his death without a word of protest?

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